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Store Update vol. 02

Markus here, back again with another big quarterly update :D

Pricing Updates

We've recently switched over to live-rate shipping to better reflect and more accurately display the actual cost of shipping for greater transparency. Additionally, we've also opened up for international shipping with live-rates!

Store Updates

The biggest and most exciting change so far is that we've completely revamped our website to a theme that we are very happy with and feel better reflects our brand! We hope that you also enjoy the experience while visiting our humble shop, and bare with us if there are any technical glitches that occur during the initial stages of implementation. If you do note any issues, feel free to drop us a note.

We've also just launched the Cable Anatomy Guide! We hope that the guide highlights all the components that make up a cable in detail to better inform on your next DIY project or commission. 

In addition, we're also working on some store upgrades as follows:

  • Cable Coil Calculator - this one is taking a lot longer than anticipated and has been put on the back-burner as of late
  • Incorporating this Updates Blog for monthly (hopefully, more likely quarterly) editions
  • Preset Cable styles in the works - popular colour themes with the option of customizing cable/coil length and connectors
  • Revamping product photos for more consistency

Product Updates

  • Will be launching a pre-order product soon for metal-sleeved cables, be on the lookout for that!
  • Mylar Shimmer sleeving now available for commissions
  • In-stock MDPC-X monochrome cables dropping soon

Engineer Cable Pre-Order

As mentioned above, we'll be hosting our very first pre-order for metal-sleeved non-coiled cables. The materials of these cables are of the upmost quality and have such intricate details. We felt that the best way to do these cables justice is to hold a limited pre-order capped at 25 cables so that we can provide the highest attention to detail to each and every order. Be on the lookout on our instagram (@oni.keys) for more details when we launch.

Lubes Coming Soon

You may notice on the home screen that there is a category for lube products. We are gearing up to launch that in the summer, and are finalizing the packaging before releasing on the site. This collection is big for us in pushing towards our goal of making all things keyboard accessible in one place and we're more that ecstatic to make that happen! 

That concludes this update! Thanks everyone for the support!