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Our Story

Our Story

After diving headfirst into the rabbit hole that is the custom mechanical keyboard hobby we fell in love with the thought of having a custom cable to match any and all setups. From this dream spawned an idea to share this love for cables and keyboards with others!

Based out of Toronto, Canada with support from friends and family, we present to you our passion project that is Oni Keyboards!


Here at Oni Keyboards, our sole mission is to make keyboards and keyboard cables more accessible to all! Whether you are just getting started, or are a seasoned enthusiast, we strive to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for anyone who shares our passion for keyboards.

Phase 1 of our mission will be to share our custom-made and in-stock custom keyboard cables so that you may level-up your desk setup! Whether it's coiled or straight, Aviator or YC8, we seek to provide it! As we grow, we will continue to focus on expanding our portfolio to fully meet your customization needs - that means more colors, more connectors, and more cables!

Within Phase 2 we hope to branch out and create a comprehensive platform to meet all your keyboard needs. We hope to be able to provide everything you need for a new keyboard build within one place! While this goal seems distant, we are determined and driven to accelerate forward!


Aside from our passion to design and create keyboard cables to share with the world, we also enjoy many other things in life, such as cooking and baking, building custom PCs, and even teaching others about personal finance and investing. Our passion to give it our all and our dedication to life-long learning drives us to continue creating products to be enjoyed by everyone.

On the content creation side of our hobbies, we post keyboard videos and related content on Youtube as a creative outlet to share more content with everyone! We put a heavy emphasis on production value and cinematography (although we still have a lot to learn). 35mm film photography has also recently been an interest.